Are you Servicing material?

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You should be:

A good orator and have excellent command over written and spoken English.
Good at marketing skills, have a keen business acumen and administrative ability. Prompt decision-making ability is an advantage.
A people’s person: Someone who enjoys talking to people. You must be patient, as sometimes an overdose of work can get you worked up, and that will affect your performance. So it’s important that you keep your cool.
Highly motivated: You need to have tremendous willpower to stay in this kind of a job, to fight off the lethargy that sets in when you attend to calls at 3 a.m. Likewise, you need to avoid feeling frustrated when you haven’t got a single call the entire day.
A team player: Even though you are servicing individuals, this career demands a lot of teamwork. Your attitude and work ethics affect your teammates.
Organized or you’ll end up in a situation where your boss urgently asks for some important papers and you won’t even know where to search for them.

You should not be:

Irregular at work.
Haphazard in your work. You need to systematically capture details of your customer’s requirements and
also manage your work space effectively so that you don’t
waste time.
Lethargic. You need to keep refining your skills. For example; If you don’t know how to use a software, you need to start learning it.


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