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Team sports and Individual sports

United we stand — The team sports:

Arsenal’s Thierry Henry was the highest goal scorer in the English Premier League. But half of his goals would not have been possible had it not been for mid-fielders like Dennis Bergkamp, Patrik Viera and Robert Pires. And Henry will be the first to admit it.

So, now you have an idea about what a team is. A set of individuals who have one common aim. To play at the best of their abilities so that the team can succeed.

Unless the team succeeds, individual glories don’t count for much.

Sachin Tendulkar was the man of the series in the 2003 World Cup held in South Africa. He single-handedly took India into the finals. But, as he himself admitted at the awards ceremony, that the award means a lot less to him as India failed to win the World Cup losing to Australia in the final.

If you are interested in sports like hockey, cricket or football, we list down a few things you should always remember:

  • Being a team man will be just as important as having the talent.

  • Often you will have to compromise so that the team remains united.

  • Don’t look for individual glory. Personal achievements will always be noticed if the team is doing well.

  • Respect your teammates even if they are not as good as you. They are in the team and are working just as hard as you are for its success.

Me, myself and sports — Individual sports:

In individual sports like tennis, badminton or squash, every player has a team working behind him. Coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists to name a few. But they have a role as long as the player is not on the court.

After that, it is all upon self-belief and the desire to win. You will not have a teammate to pat on your back if you do well or miss an easy shot. There will be no one to tell you where you are going wrong and what changes you should make to your game as long as you are on the court.

But that’s what inspires champions. The ability of fighting against the world all alone. And just imagine the joy when they actually achieve what they believe in.

No one can tell you if individual sports are tougher than team sports. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends upon which sport you take up.

But if you do take up an individual sport, we hope you remember these tips:

  • Your success depends upon you and no one else. If you fail, it is only because you have not done well. Neither your coach nor anyone else is responsible for your failure.

  • It is important to believe in yourself and have the confidence to forget failures and go back on the court and win.

  • Off the field, your coach has a very important role to play. He can see where you are going wrong. Respect him and listen to him. Winning may be upon you, but he can make things a lot easier for you.


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What happens in the long run?
Very few of us today look at sports as a career option. A keen interest and talent in sports at the school level is not developed as a profession, simply because we look at sports as a hobby, a means to physical fitness or a source to earn bonus marks that help during exams.
The government today encourages young talent in the sports field. Schemes and aids have been made available to help us do better in sports. Financial support, nutritious diet, suitable sportswear and general psychological counselling are provided by the Sports Authority of India to talented youngsters throughout the country.
Sportspersons can avail of admission in schools and colleges, professional and non-professional courses against the sports quota. And that’s not all. There are innumerable opportunities to carry on the love for your sport after you are not able to break records further. You could be a sports entrepreneur, start your own sports academy like Prakash Padukone has done for badminton. You could fly from one school to another to hold cricket camps like Brijesh Patel. Physical fitness trainer, gymnasium instructor, sports journalist or just a coach are as celebrated as a sportsperson. It’s only up to you to make it bigger that your career in the game. Good luck.

Should I Stop Studying?
Sports career will not require you to be very academic, most sportsmen today have played their way to the top. You don’t need a degree in Physical Education to be a Sachin Tendulkar or Leander Paes. This does not mean that you stop studying. While you are practising for a game everyday, you will have to manage your studies at school and college as well.
Schools and colleges are also important for sportspersons. Almost every player of note started his career in school and then played for his college before donning state and finally national colours.
In several sports like squash, billiards or tennis, you might need to go abroad for further training. If you are good at studies, then you can go to a good college in Europe or USA on a scholarship and get trained there.

How do I get noticed?
You need to play, play and then get out there and play some more. By which we mean that you need to participate in tournaments at all possible levels, from interschool tournaments to college, to clubs wherever you get the opportunity. There are people out there whose jobs are to talent-spot. But unless you’re actually out there competing in tournaments, you will not be spotted.
If you’re in the Sports Authority of India or at a private coaching academy, you stand a much higher chance of being picked up by sponsors, because these are the places they look at first. Certain schools and colleges in the country that have a good reputation sports-wise are also hangouts for talent spotters.
Otherwise, you’ll have to get out there and seek sponsors yourself. You’ll have to approach the public relations department of the corporates you’re looking at and try and convince them to nurture your talent. Be prepared for rejection, but also be persistent.

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