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What are the Job Opportunities in a Dot Com Company?

Here are a plethora of options available to you if you wish to choose a career in a dotcom company. Take a look at the following:

Venture Capitalist
Venture capitalist is a person who funds a web site. He gives money to the entrepreneur who wants to create a web site. He carefully analyzes the person’s financial statement, business proposal and then gives him the money. He then claims return on the money he invested and holds a stake in the company which the entrepreneur has created.

Web Developer
Web developer develops, implements, maintains and enhances Internet web (portal) sites for businesses, profit/non-profit organizations, colleges, governmental agencies and other entities through his knowledge of programming and server software operation. Web developers apply principles of programming, design engineering and mathematical calculations to create web sites and systems for traditional personal computer access to the Internet and for wireless access.To become a web developer you can either learn the computer languages sitting at home or through a software institute. A piece of advice: You become more proficient in your work by practice and not by theory. So, it is better that you keep practicing.

Web Designer

Web designer designs a web site pertaining to the requirements of the
company. He takes into consideration the connectivity and the bandwidth and the cost while designing the web site. There are several courses in multimedia which teach you graphics in web designing. It’s not that you need a background in fine arts to know web designing but it is helpful to have a keen sense of design.


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