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Diffrent streams of Dentistry

Once you have completed your basic BDS course, you can specialize in any branch of dentistry. Here are some of them.


These are the guys who are the bane of the teenager’s life; they do corrective work on teeth and jaws.


These are the gums specialists–they deal with the diseases of the gums and the jaw.


These ‘sculptors’ remake parts of the teeth, jaw, or face lost due to injury or disease.


These dentists concern themselves entirely with the problems and treatment of children’s teeth. There’s lots of money to be made here.


These dentists are again in a very profitable line of work, because they deal with root canal work.

Cosmetic and aesthetic dentists

These dentistsare involved not only in cosmetic or ‘want-based’ dentistry– where there is basically nothing obviously wrong with a patient’s teeth but he or she would like to get some work done on them to make them look better (teeth are too yellowish, smile is too‘gummy’,etc) but also in aesthetic or ‘need-based’ dentistry (where there are obvious aesthetic problems like protruding teeth).


They deal with the repair of injuries and rectifying defects to the teeth, jaws and associated structures.

Forensic odontologists

They deal with the collection and evaluation of dental evidence in order to assist law enforcement officers either through the identification of human remains, bite-mark analysis or the examination of oral-facial injuries.


These dentists diagnose diseases of the mouth and jaw.


They are the X-ray specialists.


Oral surgeons are qualified to operate on the mouth and jaw.


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