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What are the different management divisions?

Marketing Management
There are too many products in the market. For example, in the toothpaste market, there is Colgate, Pepsodent, Anchor white and many more. But why does someone buy only Colgate and not Pepsodent. What is the guiding factor for a buyer. Why does he trust one toothpaste more than the other. Who finds out his needs and perceives the product so that the buyer likes the product. Why is the wrapper of Cadburys chocolate purple and golden, why is it not red in colour. Who is responsible for the great advertisements that make the product more attractive, likeable and sellable.
This is where the role of a marketer is. Marketers find the need of the product and if there is no need then they create the need for that product by showing its usefulness of the product.

Production Management
So, you have thought about the product. You have perceived it in your mind. But how will you make it? What is the best way of manufacturing the product? What are the different ingredients required to make the product? How do you ensure the best quality of the product! It is one thing to perceive in the mind and it is a very different task to give physical shape to it. To give this physical shape is the task of a Production Manager.

Materials Management
Your product is ready from the factory. But where and how will you store it before it reaches the shop! How do you make sure that it remains in great shape and does not get spoilt. How do you make sure that it takes minimum time and minimum cost for the entire process. Well! This is the job of a Materials Manager.

Human Resources Management
Who thinks of the product, designs it, makes it, stores it, sells it, manages the money that comes from its sale. It is the PEOPLE of the organisation that do all of this.
The important question is that who takes care of these people. Who takes care of their problems? If these people are not happy with their wok, they will not perform well and the company will suffer.
It is the job of the Human Resource Manager to take care of the people in the organization.

Financial Management
Everybody who works for the company gets a salary for the services that he/she renders to the company. Just as people need money to sustain their lives, likewise the company not only needs the money but also has to manage the money so that it can go beyond and become bigger.
The people who manage the money, invest it the right way so that the company can make the best use of its funds, are the Finance Managers.


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