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Corporate Law

With the advent of globalization, changes in the Indian economy have paved the way for a world of new opportunities. This is most evident in
the corporate sector. Several Indian companies have become global players, and the smaller ones have grown many times over. The demands of these companies for legal advice and support have grown tremendously.
Understanding Indian and international laws and making sure that business is done in a manner that complies with these laws have become critical for the companies. Consequently, there is a great demand for lawyers, especially corporate lawyers, who understand the affairs of companies. No company will take a big decision without understanding its legal consequences. The company would also look at different ways of using laws to their advantage. So corporate lawyers are the heart and soul of corporate decision-making!
As a Corporate lawyer, you could either work in a corporate law firm, advising several different companies, or you could work in the legal department of a company, and focus solely on that company’s requirements.
In either case, you are helping corporates make sure that laws are complied with, transactions are done in a manner that are consistent with the laws, and that problems are tackled in the most cost-effective way possible – without publicising issues. Being a good corporate lawyer requires a lot more than a good understanding of laws. A good corporate lawyer must develop inter-personal skills and networking capabilities and ofcourse, a solid understanding of the business world. A good corporate lawyer is a prized commodity, and the sky is the limit where success is concerned.
Currently India’s best known corporate law firms and companies are based primarily in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. Therefore, the bulk of job opportunities are in the metros. With the imminent entry of foreign law firms, corporate law will become even more lucrative and law graduates are likely to be greeted with a variety of highly rewarding opportunities.


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