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Career Interest vs Career Security

The following query was received from a student:

Dear Ma’am,
I have been told that taking up Science in Class XI gives great flexibility in terms of career choices as one can easily shift from Science to Commerce or Humanities later on but the reverse is not possible. My problem is that I am really not to keen on Science (even when I score high marks in it) and subjects like History and Political Science interest me more. Should I play safe and take Science or should I follow my area of interest more passionately?
Rohit (Lucknow)

Reply by our Futuremap councellor:

Dear Rohit,

All these logic sounds good, but practically misleading. To plan your career it is essential to know your skills and interests, which would lead you a satisfying career. To determine your interests, think about what you like to do. Think about experiences you have enjoyed while doing a group project at school. Evaluate what you liked, what you found challenging, and what you may have learned from those experiences. Make a list of activities you have enjoyed during the past few years.
Make a list of skills you have. Think about your school assignment and projects and also the task you have taken independently or with others at home and accomplished.
Evaluate those skills and interests you have listed. Are there similar activities on the two lists? Are there any experiences that could turn into a career? Find out about the types of careers available to you. If you don’t research careers, you may not know about the best occupations to fit your interests and skills.  
It’s also important to decide if the career you are considering is really what you expect and whether it offers benefits you want.
Remember, for every set of careers you need potentials to match with. After evaluating all these if you feel you still want to go for history and political science then go ahead and if you feel you have potential to match with science interest can be inculcated.


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