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Query received from a student:
How does one become a dietician? What are the career opportunities in this field?
Priya (Allahabad)

Reply from out FutureMap counsellor:
Dear Priya,

To become dietician, it is easier to pursue post graduation course as with a few expectations, dietetics is studied only after a bachelor’s degree in any one of the following disciplines: home science, medicine, science (with chemistry, microbiology), hotel management and catering. Some universities offer postgraduate diploma courses in dietetics. Subjects taught in dietetics include chemistry, physics, nutrition and physiology. Dietician may be taken up as a specialization in home science at the Master’s degree level in many universities in the country. Delhi university, university of Mumbai / Madras also offer nutrition / health and nutrition as subjects at bachelor’s degree level. Dietician finds jobs in hotels, hospitals, in the processed food industry, and in teaching. The most lucrative prospects are in the field of private enterprise keeping in view the present trend for health food. Residential schools, Railways, and airlines also employ dieticians to run and / or supervise their catering services and look after their nutritional needs.


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