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What goes into a Fighter Pilot?

Ever since the aircraft had become a war machine, the pilot was also highly regarded as a super human. This is not an exaggeration,the fighter pilot is a truly remarkable person! The fighter pilot, especially in the single-seat aircraft, has an amazing number of tasks to perform and things to look out for. As we said earlier, fighters do not fly themselves, or at least, not well enough to be used in combat without a pilot. The pilot’s first priority is therefore, to keep the aircraft in the air, and to keep it high enough in the air so that it doesn’t hit anything! He must not only fly the aircraft, but also receive orders from the air base, manage his fuel, plot a most economical and safe course to the enemy location,find his way to the right location, drop his weapons with high accuracy without getting shot down, then turn around and report the destruction of the target to his air base and wait for further instructions, then he has to find his way back to his airbase,and all the while make sure that he doesn’t blackout from the extreme physical (and not to mention, mental) stress that he undergoes throughout the mission! As you can see, this post is only for those who believe, know and prove themselves to be better than the average human!

If you want to be in the air force, you need to:
#Be able to make split-second decisions. A lot of times during a mission, you will be faced with many small, yet important decisions that require your immediate attention. For example, you may be faced with a decision whether to take a short, dangerous route that conserves your fuel, or to take a relatively safer, but longer route that might just leave you short of fuel on the journey home. There may even be very important tactical decisions. For example, if you’re leading a flight of 5 bombers, and 2 have been shot down and you’re still hundreds of miles from your target, should you really continue with the mission? Your decision in the air counts, because you might be alone in the cockpit of a very expensive, sophisticated machine, and the wrong decision could mean the loss of more than just a machine.
#Be adaptable, because your work will be so broad-based, you will have to be able to adapt to the various demands of varied circumstances in different missions. What tactics work in a fighter, will obviously not work in a bomber, for the simple reason that they are two totally different aircraft. Similarly, what works on an attack mission will definitely not work in a spy mission. You must be able to perform various tasks with the same efficiency as you perform your favorite ones.
#Be brave. You definitely cannot abandon your mission in the middle because you get scared when you see what the enemy is throwing up at you. You will definitely be stopped by a large number of enemy forces in various locations en route to your target, so you should not flinch, and have complete confidence in your ability to be able to take your air craft through it, complete your mission,and reach home safely.

You should:
#Have good visual skills Because you’ll be covering a very large sphere of space and there could be enemies lurking in every corner (so to speak). After all, if you’re shot down, and you manage to survive, the excuse “I just didn’t see that missile, you know” is not going to make you very popular!
#Be a very disciplined person. The discipline that you follow in your personal life will most definitely help you perform better in your life as a pilot. Pilots have a lot to do, as we’ve already said, so you should make sure that you’re disciplined enough to be able to handle everything at once.

You should not:
#Be afraid of heights.
#Be a person who panics easily. Like we said earlier, you have to be brave, and cool even in the face of enemy fire. If you’re a person who panics just as you get into enemy territory, you’re definitely out of this job!
#Be laid-back about timing. Many times, the success of the mission depends entirely on your timing, so it is very essential that you are punctual and are very much conscious of time.


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