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Question received from student:
What is an Archeologist? How can I become an Archeologist? Please tell me about the job prospects.

Reply from our FutureMap counsellor:
Dear Anita,
An Archeologist studies past human life and culture by closely examining remaining material evidence such as sites, buildings, tools and artifacts. It is a multidisciplinary science which draws help from geography, history, anthropology, chemistry, geology, art and literature. It is also regarded as one of the four branches of Anthropology, which is the study of the physical and social characteristics of humanity. Archaeological studies or inputs are considered important in issues such as environmental conservation, urban societies, town planning etc. These discoveries involve a variety of field techniques and laboratory procedures.
Archaeology is offered at post graduate level. You can do Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma or Post graduation (MA/ M.Sc.) in different fields of Archaeology. Duration of these courses may vary from 1 year to 2 years. Admission to the two year Post Graduate Diploma course at the Institute of Archaeology, the academic wing of the Archaeological Survey of India in New Delhi is one of the best options. Many Universities also offer this course. At a higher level, you can also conduct research on the various branches of Archaeology; can do Ph. D after your post graduation.

Archeologists are employed in Defense services, museums, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, cultural centers and historical division of the Ministry of External Affairs. A degree holder in Archaeology can work as tourist guides, heritage managers, interpreters, resource persons of trip organizers in the tourism industry etc.


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