Qualities of an ideal Administrator

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Before deciding weather you want to become a Civil Servant you will have to ask a few questions from yourself. If the answer that you get is an emphatic ‘yes’ then you can put your mind heart and soul into it and go about preparing for it. Nothing can stop you. Trust yourself and your abilities.

Good Knowledge- You should have adequate knowledge about all subjects and a wide perspective to look at every problem and situation from different angles before coming up with a solution. You have to be open to change

Good Judge of people- so that you are in a better position to handle different situations.

Good Listener- You have to have the ability to listen to people only then one can impart justice as one would have better information.

Effective Communicator- He may be well read but he has to have the ability to convey the ideas to the political establishment or to the people if need be in as simple a way as possible.

Cheerful disposition- Very important, a person with a cheerful attitude is one who can handle the severest of situations without getting bogged down by it. He can be the support system to the masses.

Graceful Personality-Its naturally expected in an officer of such high ranking. He should always conduct himself in such a way that inspires people to respect him and the govt. establishment.

Should not panic- He should be able to keep his cool even in the most challenging and tough situation. Should react proportionately to the degree of change. He must cope with situations elegantly.

Should be Sensitive- Since the ultimate end of his work is the welfare of people he has to be sensitive. Only then can he impart justice. He should have a sense of fair play.


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