Are you IT material? Qualifications for the career.

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Are you IT Material?

You should:
#Be willing to work in front of the computer screen for hours together. It requires you to be glued for long hours in front of your computer. There are instances where people take several days to get their project running.
#Know your computer inside out. You should not get alarmed when your computer shows an error and you know where exactly is the problem coming from. #Be aware of the latest technology from leading software firms. You need to keep on reading computer magazines and surfing web sites to know what are the latest useful softwares available and keep downloading them.
#Help your friends whenever they have a problem with their computer.

You should not:
#Be afraid of experimenting with your computer. (This does not mean you format the computer or dismantle the motherboard.)
#Be afraid of asking questions regarding your computer to your assembler or search for information about how the computer works on web sites.

For this Career, what should I do?

Id you check out the young achievers’ section? You have 11-, 12-year old children achieving world records and with jobs in IT firms. So, the best thing to do is to start now. You can start training yourself in the following ways:
Get a formal graduation, qualification
a. BE/BTech
b. B.Sc (Computers or IT)
c. BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications
Get a formal postgraduate degree (after graduation)
a. MCA – Master of Computer Applications
b. MCM – Master of Computer Management
Study a course offered by private institutions. These do not get you a formal degree, but a certificate that is of value to employers.
The government has created a certifying authority, DOEACC, so it is best if you do a course that is accredited by the DOEACC. It has defined 4 ‘levels’ of courses:
The ‘O’ Level (Foundation Level): for immediately after 10+2
The ‘A’ Level (advanced diploma level): for graduates and those qualified at ‘O’ level
The ‘B’ Level (graduate level)
The ‘C’ Level (postgraduate level)
Get an industry certification from an international IT company. Several companies like Microsoft, IBM, etc. offer certification courses that are internationally recognized. These companies have authorized several training institutes to train candidates and also conduct the certification examinations. Visit the company web site for more details. You could study abroad, give the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and do your MS or PhD in the US. Several of the Indian IT gurus did the same. This way you not only get the best education but also are where all the action is.


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